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Alathea's admission

Alathea found herself at the window facing the planet. In this orbit, the view was a bit hazy; the planet appearing blurred. As the Voyager engaged the warp drive, the planet vanished from sight. Alathea nodded to herself and headed towards the Captain’s ready room. She knew that after this ordeal, the Captain would retreat to her ready room to sift through the data collected from this enigmatic planet entangled in different times. Reflecting on the events she had witnessed, Alathea realized that a majority of the Voyager’s adventures had resulted in positive experiences, a good deed leading to another in return. Perhaps there was something to that Starfleet philosophy after all. “Alathea! What can I do for you?” Captain interrupted Alathea’s thoughts. She smiled at the captain and took a seat on the sectional without an invitation. “Do we always get the responses we’re expecting?” “What do you mean?” Captain inquired. “Since I’ve been on Voyager, you approach everyone as if they are g

Duke starts his journey

Mother Superior Jessica exchanged a smile with Duke Anjila, who sat across from her with a confident demeanor and regal air, despite the simple clothing he wore. In just two days, he would embark on a highliner journey through the wormhole, aiming to carve out a name for himself and secure a future Emperor, delivered by Alathea. Bojan, the lower Menthat of the Imperial house, voiced his concerns. “So, are you certain that the forces we’re sending will prevail against the Borg?” Jessica worked to maintain a composed expression. She glanced at Stephen, the main Menthat of the imperial house, seated beside Bojan, his figure relaxed on a comfortable sofa, hands crossed over an imposing belly. Despite her warnings about Bojan’s inexperience, Stephen had chosen him to accompany the Duke on this new venture. “Yes, they will face total annihilation in our universe,” Jessica affirmed. “The only remnants will be the current exhibits in the Imperial Museum, seized as trophies by Beli.” She nodded

Failed Menthat

Alathea soared through the air, smacked into her last opponent, and stuck the landing with ninja-like precision. “Wow, that was amazing!” Chakotay exclaimed. She spun around to face him. “I didn’t even hear you enter.” “You were kind of in the zone. So, I’ve got a mission for you. Tuvok mentioned you’re trained to be like a human computer or something, right?” “That’s right, Menthat training. I got that training in one of my last lives,” Alathea replied. She walked over to Chakotay, letting her muscles unwind. She loved these holodeck workouts; they pushed her to the limit with no actual risk. Chakotay passed her a tablet. “Here’s the sensor data from both Voyager and Neelix’s ship. Could you give it a once-over and see if anything stands out?” Alathea nodded. “Absolutely.” “Also, see if you can pull data from Voyager’s logs,” Chakotay added. Alathea raised an eyebrow. “Anything in particular I should be on the lookout for?” Chakotay gave a solemn nod. “I need to figure out what the Ca