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Maybe this wormhole?

“It is a large one, Captain!” Ensign Harry Kim exclaimed. “On screen,” Captain Kathryn Janeway commanded, rising from her chair and striding purposefully toward the main viewscreen. The vast maw of the colossal wormhole sprawled across the screen, a cosmic portal suspended in the fabric of space. Captain Janeway scrutinized the intricate currents and eddies dancing around its event horizon. The telltale patterns hinted at its nature—no ordinary black hole but a subspecies, a grandiose manifestation of a celestial conduit connecting distant corners of the cosmos. A veritable wormhole. “Is the probe prepared?” Janeway inquired. “Yes, Captain,” Lieutenant Tuvok affirmed. Captain Janeway gestured toward the viewscreen. “Let’s what is on the other side, Mr. Tuvok.” “Probe launched,” Tuvok reported. A minuscule probe materialized on the screen, hurtling towards the gaping entrance of the wormhole. As it traversed the cosmic gateway, it diminished in size, becoming a mere speck against the ba

The Death Sentence

Neo, seemingly unfazed by the cosmic calamity and perhaps having set a record for the lack of post-crash attire maintenance, made a beeline for the Mother Superior’s office as soon as the Suk Doctor gave them the cosmic green light. Alathea, still nursing a post-impact haze, attempted to rein in her zealous comrade just before they reached the door. “Show some respect,” she urged. “Respect? For murderers?” Neo scoffed, shaking off her hand and barging into the office as if he were on a mission to confront the universe’s most formidable adversaries. Alathea, adopting the submissive posture befitting a Ghola, trailed behind Neo as he stormed into the office. “...Speak!” Neo demanded, standing defiantly before Mother Superior Jessica’s desk. However, the wise Mother Superior continued her work, seemingly unfazed by the interstellar tempest in her office. In frustration, Neo slammed his hand on the desk. “Respond! I know you can hear.” Mother Superior Jessica finally lifted her head, her g

End of the task?

Alathea casually twirled the altitude knob, coaxing her spaceship higher and treating herself to a panoramic view of towers stuffed with more people than a clown car at a galactic circus. She reclined in her ergonomic chair, savoring the sensation of Neo’s fingers giving her back a thorough kneading. Neo, her comrade in this project, loomed behind her like a shadow that doubled as an indispensable masseur in her cozy one-seater ship—a vessel so compact it made a shoebox seem like a grand ballroom. Crafted for solo adventurers, the ship had engineers playing a cosmic game of Tetris, cramming in the essentials. Most of the precious space was dedicated to the Holtzman drive, while the rest played host to must-haves for recycling water and air. Alathea, riding the wave of liberating Terrans from the grip of AI overlords, now discovered herself knee-deep in the deconstruction of the AI Towers alongside the Sisterhood. These towers had been busier than a caffeinated robot, sprouting data tum

Fan Fiction Story

 I can say that for a decades I wished to write a story that combined the universes of DUNE and Star Trek.  So what you are about to read here is my fan fiction combining those two universes. From Dune, I'm using the timeline after currently known and written stories. So the events are thousands of years after Duncan Idaho tried to reconcile AI and Dune universe. From Star Trek, I'm going with Voyager. My story is imposing on the timeline and events of that show, changing them a bit. The working title is: I am better than you