Maybe this wormhole?

“It is a large one, Captain!” Ensign Harry Kim exclaimed.

“On screen,” Captain Kathryn Janeway commanded, rising from her chair and striding purposefully toward the main viewscreen.

The vast maw of the colossal wormhole sprawled across the screen, a cosmic portal suspended in the fabric of space. Captain Janeway scrutinized the intricate currents and eddies dancing around its event horizon. The telltale patterns hinted at its nature—no ordinary black hole but a subspecies, a grandiose manifestation of a celestial conduit connecting distant corners of the cosmos. A veritable wormhole.

“Is the probe prepared?” Janeway inquired.

“Yes, Captain,” Lieutenant Tuvok affirmed.

Captain Janeway gestured toward the viewscreen. “Let’s what is on the other side, Mr. Tuvok.”

“Probe launched,” Tuvok reported.

A minuscule probe materialized on the screen, hurtling towards the gaping entrance of the wormhole. As it traversed the cosmic gateway, it diminished in size, becoming a mere speck against the backdrop of celestial currents and swirling eddies.

Kathryn settled back into her command chair, cradling her coffee mug. Perhaps this was the pivotal moment. Perhaps, this time, a swifter journey home awaited them. She envisioned reuniting with Mark and Mollie and maybe even encountering some of the furry offspring—assuming Mark hadn’t given them all to others. Would Mollie recognize her after all this time?

“The probe has breached the threshold of the wormhole,” Tuvok declared.

“Are we receiving telemetry?” Captain Janeway inquired.

“Yes, Captain. This wormhole appears to be of considerable age, showing signs of impending collapse,” Tuvok explained.

“How soon?” Janeway asked.

“Barring any unforeseen catastrophes within, we estimate several decades,” Tuvok responded.

Kathryn leaned back, a sense of relief washing over her, and a smile graced her features. “Let’s uncover the mysteries awaiting us on the other side.”

Tuvok nodded, focusing on his console, while Ensign Kim stared at the data on his own screen. Captain Janeway smiled, enjoying a moment of calm as she continued to sip her coffee.

“This is indeed a substantial journey through the wormhole,” Harry mumbled, his eyes fixed on the readouts.

“Yes, Mr. Kim?” Captain Janeway inquired.

“Captain, it’s taking an unusually long time for the probe to traverse the wormhole. Quite unconventional for this type of phenomenon,” Harry Kim observed.

Kathryn smiled knowingly. “And what is your analysis, Ensign?”

Harry returned the smile. “I’ll reserve judgment until we have the data. My emotions may cloud my assessment.”

Kathryn nodded approvingly and turned her attention back to the viewscreen.

“The probe has successfully arrived at the other end,” Tuvok reported.

Kathryn turned her gaze toward Tuvok, patiently waiting. Tuvok’s focused gaze remained fixed on his console, his fingers dancing across the controls with precision.

“We have a visual feed,” Tuvok announced.

“Let’s see it.”

The viewscreen was filled with the panorama of unknown stars. Kathryn peered intently, her eyes darting from one celestial body to another, searching for any semblance of familiarity.

“Can you rotate the probe?” she inquired.

In response, the image began a slow rotation, revealing different perspectives. However, nothing recognizable emerged. Then, after approximately 180 degrees of rotation, a portion of a galaxy came into view. It was too small to identify definitively. Another 180 degrees later, a second strip of galaxy materialized, both expansive spirals stretching across the cosmic canvas.

“Are we beyond the confines of our galaxy?” Kathryn inquired.

“It appears so,” Tuvok responded, engrossed in his console. “Furthermore, the spectral analysis of both galaxies indicates that neither of them corresponds to the Milky Way.”

Kathryn took another sip of her coffee, her expression betraying a hint of disappointment. It seemed this wasn’t the shortcut home they had hoped for. Instead, the most promising wormhole they discovered led them to an entirely different galaxy cluster.

“Well, Mr. Tuvok, let’s make the most of our situation. Remain here and gather as much data as possible. This presents a unique opportunity to study another galaxy cluster up close,” Kathryn declared.

“Yes, Captain,” Tuvok acknowledged, diligently attending to his duties at the console.


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