Plan to keep Voyager safe

Alathea, with an air of exaggerated patience, crossed her arms and leveled a deadpan stare at the Doctor and the Captain. They were about to unleash their latest brainwave upon her — the miraculous solution of donating an egg cell. Because, obviously, that would solve everything. 

“However, it will prevent you from making contact with him,” the Captain stated firmly.

“Ah, that would be hard to do because of the Empire and its rigid stance on ‘natural conception.’ Beli will contrive a pretext to approach me, at which point he may attempt rape. Not maybe, will for sure. Any way to stop that?”

“I may not thwart the act of violation, but I possess the capability to avert the possibility of conception.”Doctor said.

Alathea just stood there, observing them with a mix of amusement and exasperation. Oh, of course, they will not divulge their master plan. They’ll just keep insisting that everything will magically fall into place. How much longer do they intend to keep up this charade? “Shall it possess the potential for reversibility?”

“Indeed. Indeed, every procedure I perform upon you will be executed in a manner conducive to reversibility.

“Is it within your capabilities to produce a baby absent my corporeal involvement?” Ah, the classic game of cat and mouse. Alathea’s not one to be left in the dark. She’ll unravel their scheme with or without their cooperation. Let the mental gymnastics begin.

“Ah, indeed. There is a technology known as an artificial womb, though its utilization is infrequent.”

“Ah, Beli, the staunch traditionalist. Bet he’ll insist on the whole human-baby-carrying deal, no matter what.”

“He won’t have a say in the matter,” the Captain declared resolutely.

Alathea’s gaze bore into the captain. What exactly was she implying with that cryptic remark? Beli’s grip on everyone aboard that highliner was ironclad; they danced to his tune without question. Perhaps the captain needed a gentle reminder of that undeniable reality?

“Hmm. True, but let’s not forget, he’s not alone. He’s got a brain trust of Suk doctors and Mentats at his beck and call. They’ll sniff out any loophole. Our solution has to be foolproof, no room for error.”

“Indeed,” the Doctor nodded sagely. “I do possess a solution, though I must caution you that its implementation may result in considerable distress.”

Ah, another distressing situation for me, the seasoned veteran. I reckon I’ve got it all figured out by now.

“What strategy have you formulated, Doctor?” inquired the Captain with a curious tone.

Well, well, well, looks like even the esteemed Doctor decided to keep the Captain in the dark. What’s this hologram up to, I wonder? Alathea shot a pointed look from the Doctor to the Captain, sensing there was more to this than meets the eye.

“A hysterectomy. I can surgically remove her uterus and ovaries, placing them in stasis until the circumstances abate. Subsequently, we can undertake a reversal of the procedure.”

“That would mean she’ll undergo menopause,” the Captain acknowledged, her tone reflecting the weight of the decision.

“Indeed. That’s a side effect.”

Alathea felt like her eyes were about to pop out of her head. “Wait, let me get this straight. You’re suggesting removing my genitals and stashing them somewhere safe on board Voyager?” Can this machine really do it?


“Well, isn’t that just a stroke of brilliance!” Alathea couldn’t help but grin.

“Are you absolutely certain?” inquired the Captain, her gaze piercing with a blend of concern and determination.

“Yes, indeed. With that plan, you lot will be safe no matter what fate befalls me.”

“Do you anticipate an event on the horizon?” the Captain inquired her tone a blend of caution and readiness for whatever may come.

“Yeah, no doubt about it. Beli’s always got something up his sleeve.”

The Captain shook her head slightly. “Perhaps you’re jumping to conclusions,” she suggested, her voice calm yet cautious.

The image of the collapsing towers from Terra in the alternate universe flashed vividly in her mind. “No, I’m not overreacting,” Alathea asserted firmly. “But I’m more than willing to undergo the procedure.” She turned towards the Doctor, her determination unwavering. “So, how soon can we make this happen?”

“Right now.”

“Perfect. Let’s get to it then,” Alathea declared her resolve firm. “And when you remove my organs, Doctor, no need to advertise their whereabouts.”

“Do I need to conceal them?” the Doctor inquired, directing his gaze toward the captain.

Captain shrugged.

“Exactly. Can’t have Beli sending his lackeys to snatch them away,” Alathea remarked with a knowing nod.

“You’re exhibiting signs of paranoia,” the Captain observed.

“No, I’m not being paranoid. I just happen to know Beli’s kind well,” Alathea replied, her tone carrying a hint of skepticism.

The captain shrugged nonchalantly before departing. Alathea made her way to the surgical bay, mounting the bed and reclining.

“I’m ready,” she declared, determination lacing her words.


After several hours of the procedure, Alathea finally stirred, her eyes fluttering open. To her surprise, the captain was already there, a warm smile gracing his face as he stood by her bedside.

“I stand corrected. It seems Beli is indeed plotting something,” the Captain acknowledged.

Alathea’s voice was still a bit groggy as she spoke. “What brought about this sudden change of heart?” she inquired, her curiosity piqued by the unexpected display of warmth from the captain.

“He’s extended an invitation for just the two of us to dine aboard his ship, insinuating a continuation of our negotiations in a more agreeable environment,” the Captain noted, her expression betraying a hint of skepticism amidst the offer’s apparent charm.

Alathea’s eyes narrowed slightly as she regained her clarity. “Ah, but that’s the trap, isn’t it?” she countered, a note of caution in her voice. “Perhaps refusal is the wiser choice.”

“I’m aware it’s a trap, but I’ve chosen to accept nonetheless. The dinner is scheduled for a week from now,” the Captain stated, then turned to the doctor. “Will that provide sufficient time for her recovery?”


Alathea shook her head, a sense of foreboding creeping in. “No, you don’t understand. Beli won’t hesitate to kidnap both of us,” she warned, her tone grave.

“Let him try,” the Captain grinned confidently. “Without Voyager, he won’t stand a chance of obtaining his precious ‘baby’.”

“Do you have a plan?” Alathea inquired, her tone laced with urgency.

“Of course,” the Captain affirmed with a nod. “I have one.”

“Care to share?” Alathea inquired, her tone inviting collaboration.

“No, I’m the Captain,” she grinned, a glint of playful defiance in her eyes.


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